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This is a place where I let loose my thoughts as I explore the worlds of mathematics, technology, music, art and the direction of the human species and our planet. As such it’s a bit of a hodge podge. Posts about mathematics following by posts on ruby followed by posts on thoughts about life. Hopefully you will find something that interests you here.

About the Name

The name Alephractal stems from the words Aleph and Fractal. The first of these is the first letter in the Hebrew alphabet and is used in the study of cardinals in math. Cardinals are a sort of extension of the concept of size (as in the size of a collection of objects – that is, the number of objects in a collection) only generalized to work for infinite sets. The study of cardinals in set theory was truly epochal for me. I felt this whole world open up before me, this vast sea of infinities. The true depth of the infinite took and a shape that transcended anything I could have imagined before. This was a significant part of how I came to love mathematics.

Fractals are those wonderfully quirky and, dare I say psychedelic looking mathematical shapes which have, in a vague sense, infinitely fine details – as close as you choose to zoom in on a fractal, you shall continue to see detail. The real deep study of these objects only began quite recently with the advent of computational power great enough to generate visual representations. Fractal geometry is a fascinating field with some remarkable content.

Combining these two words, we have something which conveys a marvelous sense of the true, awesome and deep potential of mathematics; a sense which I hope to flush out through my writings.


If you are not a robot and would like to contact me, you can send an email to metaso@rous (at) gm4il (dot) com, replacing the symbols with “a” and so on.

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