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February 16, 2011

After all of the difficulties that I’ve been having with setting up Linux on my new ASUS N53SV laptop (see earlier posts), I get an email last week indicating that their is a defect in the Sandy Bridge processor and Intel is doing a recall. I was kind of getting excited to help with the testing process of possible solutions to the whole switchable graphics debacle, but with a free ticket to get a new and compatible computer, I’m not stressing in the least.

I went ahead and ordered an N5JQ just this last weekend and got the computer in today. This top is minimally less powerful – it’s still quad core, but 1.7 GHz instead of 2.0. It has the 425M nVIDIA chip without Optimus – a little bit slower than what comes with the N53SV, but barely. Everything else is just about exactly the same.

I’m happy to say that graphics are working right out of the box (well, after installing the proprietary nVIDIA drivers upon being prompted). I’ll admit thought that until I installed those drivers, the maximum screen resolution was showing up way under the 1360×780 (or whatever) that it was supposed to. Once I rebooted after installing the drivers, everything looked as it should.

I also just managed to get suspend working (haven’t checked hibernation yet) following these directions (see post by John Dias). Anyone with a USB3.0 computer is likely to have these problems and need to implement this hack temporarily until suspend and hibernation are properly supported with the xchi drivers (on a side note, it’s worth pointing out that Linux was the very first operating system with USB3 support – this little something just got left for later :-\) My understanding is that the 2.6.27 Linux kernel should also fix this problem (that means Ubuntu 11.4 Natty). So, another potential solution is to try pre-release versions of the kernel or Natty (or whatever your flavor is). Just remember to remove this hack if and when you do upgrade, since it really is just a hack – you don’t want it interfering with something actually written to solve this problem the right way.

Well, that’s it for now. I’m working on getting my environment all set up on the new computer. I intend to write a little soon about some of the rails/ruby stuff that I’ve been working on lately – as soon as I get everything moving along again. I would also like to make some math related updates soon (category theory and such).


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  1. PaTTo permalink


    I just got mine yesterday and from looking at mine the new revision does have the original 2.0GHz Sandy Bridge chipset processor as well as a GT 540M. Will be deleting that crappy empty “DATA” partiton and installing ArchLinux or Gentoo (fingers crossed). Feel free to contact if you wish to discuss more on the topic.


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